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The team, based at U-M’s Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, used an innovative approach to make its findings.

Here is a timeline of how the "I'm Just a Girl" singer and the man she affectionately calls "Cowboy" came together.The 1974 play centres on a group of suburban friends who gather at a tea party that Diana (Katherine Parkinson from The IT Crowd) has arranged to cheer up one of her husband Paul’s old friends, Colin (Reece Shearsmith from The League of Gentlemen), who is recently bereaved.Tointon plays the blunt and sullen Evelyn – the young wife of another friend, John – who has had an affair with Paul (Steffan Rhodri from Gavin and Stacey).It requires a very different performance from her turn in Pygmalion, says Tointon.“In that, I was on stage all the time and it was full-on, but here I spend a lot of time being silent.

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