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So in the first step you must create company code and then assign it.Sap has delivered some standard chart of depreciation areas which can be used by you or you can create your own with reference to it.When you create a chart of depreciation, the system copies all of the depreciation areas in the reference chart of depreciation.

To get it assigned you use transaction code OAB1 or path; SPRO Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code After reaching the maintain company code in asset accounting screen, assign it to your company code.The carpeting becomes worn, and you have to replace some of the smaller accessories, such as lights. The value of the car at the end of its life is equal to the salvageable parts that remain.Three forms of depreciation are available in SAP, including ordinary depreciation, special depreciation and unplanned depreciation.Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation To copy it, double click on “copy reference chart of depreciation” And then click on “copy” icon In the “From” and “To Chart of Dep” section enter the chart of depreciation from which you want to copy.Press enter Specify a description You have to add a description to it.

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