Scottish couple

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QUEENS suffered their first defeat of the season in a feisty 2-1 defeat at the Championship`s bookies favourites Dundee United.

Hitman Scott Mc Donald gave the hosts an early lead before Callum Fordyce levelled.

Scottish country dancing at the 2005 Skagit Valley Highland Games in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA.

Tartan sashes should not be pinned to the right shoulder in Scottish dance, unless one is a chief, regiment leader, or spouse of the aforementioned.

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A Scottish Country dance (SCD) is a form of social dance involving groups of couples of dancers tracing progressive patterns according to a predetermined choreography.

Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts. Given that the couple are "often required to work away and there are occasions, up to four weeknights per week, when we will both be away and you will be at the property alone in sole charge," a strong stomach, brave soul and a childhood desire to become a Ghostbuster appear to be necessary skills as well as an affinity for childcare. Our goal is to breed for good conformation, good genetics and a overall good gentle nature passing on the best qualities, therefore allowing the breed to continue producing strong healthy Scottish Highland cattle.The first two types (also called quick-time dances) feature fast tempos, quick movements and a lively feel.The third type (strathspey) has a much slower tempo and a more tempered, stately feel.

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