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Many agreed the district is operating too many schools for its enrollment of 4,300 students. The district's average class size of 17 students, as reported on the 2016 Illinois School Report Card, is considerably lower than the averages in some similarly-sized districts with six or eight buildings, according to data provided at the community engagement session."We need to consolidate to lower per-pupil operating costs and student-teacher and student-administrator ratios," wrote one participant. The district's 12-school model also creates large disparities in class size among individual schools.WHAT THE STATUTES SAY WITH REGARD TO NOTIFICATION Click on the link to locate samples of orders and resolutions for school district reorganization.It is recommended that school boards fill out duplicate originals, keeping one and sending one as notification to the Secretary of the SDBAB.As the economy has recovered, legislators have given all K-12 scho LET’S TRY an experiment: Let your guard down, pretend everyone is acting in good faith, and imagine we’re creating a brand-new public school system — using all of our knowledge and experience but no allegiance to the existing system.Since providing a decent education to all children is the responsibility of the state, wouldn’t we start by funding this system entirely with state dollars? 117.08(1) The school boards of two (2) or more school districts may adopt resolutions stating that they will consider consolidating their school districts.

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A colored map showed that North Shore School District 112 is one of only a few districts in the area to still provide half-day kindergarten.

Wouldn’t we even prohibit local funding, since local supplements get us right back where we are now, with the education a child can receive depending on where he or she happened to be born?

Wouldn’t we acknowledge that we’ll have to pay good teachers more to teach in rural areas — rather than paying them more to teach in the most desirable areas, as we do now?

Go to CONSOLIDATION INCENTIVES AND ISSUES for information on state aid, shared costs, valuation, and revenue limits related to consolidated districts. If a referendum is required and consolidation is approved by all affected districts the joint interim school board begins its duties on the 31st day following the date the order of reorganization is filed. Any action of the joint interim school board requires an affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the joint interim board. To begin the appeal, the aggrieved person must serve written notice, specifically stating the grounds for the appeal, upon the Secretary of the School District Boundary Appeal Board and file the notice with the clerk of circuit court of any county in which any territory of any affected school district is located.

If no referendum is required, the interim board begins its duties: The joint interim board shall have all of the powers and duties of a school board elected for the school district and perform those duties until a school board is elected under s. The appeal must be initiated within thirty (30) days after copies of the school boards' denials are filed with the Secretary of the School District Boundary Appeal Board.

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