Updating line6 m13

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I have of course tested out all cables and everything.

So I did some digging and I am on something like 1.07 firmware, and I need to upgrade to the newest one.

The Line 6 M13 is one of the most sophisticated multi-effect units, with over 80 digital simulations of pedal effects from the traditional to the bizarre.

I’ve used lots of multi-effect devices, and I’m pleased to report that the M13 has the best user interface I’ve seen.

When I'm in MIDI OX and I send the file through to the unit, my little USB Midi device lights up (it has LEDS for Midi in and Midi out, and the Midi Out is flashing indicating that it's sending midi data through the out cable).

Get 19 celebrated analog and digital delays, 18 distinctive distortions from creamy to crazy, 12 reverbs from modern (particle verb) to vintage (spring reverb) to ancient (cave reverb), 26 vibey filters including wahs and pitch effects, 22 tangy mods including expressive trems and phasers, and 12 compressors and EQs that squash, gate and color.

The Line 6 pedal lets you use up to four models simultaneously, in any order and in any combination.

In fact, since it’s meant to replace a group of guitar pedals, it’s designed so that you can use many of the functions with your foot.

The M13′s main interface is divided into four columns and three rows, representing twelve effects pedals.

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