While updating records using cursor

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· If you are fetching a cursor to a PL/SQL Record, the record should have the same structure as the cursor.

· If you are fetching a cursor to a list of variables, the variables should be listed in the same order in the fetch statement as the columns are present in the cursor.

Set the Identity Seed to 1 and the Identity Increment to 1.

The column will automatically be populated with unique values for each row in the table. ID IN -- List 1 - all rows that have duplicates (SELECT F.

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You can define collection types in a procedure, function, or package.General Form of using an explicit cursor is: In the above example, first we are creating a record ‘emp_rec’ of the same structure as of table ‘emp_tbl’ in line no 2.We can also create a record with a cursor by replacing the table name with the cursor name.You can pass collection variables as parameters to stored subprograms.To look up data that is more complex than single values, you can store PL/SQL records or SQL object types in collections.

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