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We’re going to be presenting for 30, 40 minutes and then doing Q and A. It’s emotionally draining, so make sure to avoid the seven deadly fundraising mistakes. Startups around the globe will soon travel to Silicon Valley for their.....I’m going to share with you everything that I know about fundraising. Let’s really make this the most valuable 40 minutes we could have together. Just recently, I had a sales office hour with a bright founder, and it was not about how to sell to customers, but how to sell to investors. As I mentioned, for people who are going to be watching the recording or people that are going to be joining and dropping into the live webinar, I’m a little sick today as you can hear. While the right investors will increase your startup’s success rates, the wrong ones will put your business on the wrong trajectory, waste your time, and even cause you to.....But I consider giving webinars as a healing medicine to myself. Here's a post we originally published back in 2012 on our Elastic Sales blog.So I’m excited about feeling better and better every minute that we go along with each other. We're republishing it because many people are still asking us how we got into YC.Make sure to use the chat room to ask your questions. I’m rooting for your success and if you ever need help, just get in touch and let me know. Today Y Combinator is announcing who's going to be invited to Mountain View to interview for a chance to get accepted in what many call the "Harvard of Entrepreneurship".But what I want to talk about more recently is the company that I’m running today. What we did with Elastic is we helped the B2B startups in Silicon Valley do outsource sales. We helped over 200 venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley scale their sales efforts, develop predictable, reputable sales models and help them crush it in sales. In the process, we developed an internal piece of software called Close.io, which was the software that helped our salespeople outperform and crush others.

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It was clear Amy wasn't meant to play an innocent Juicy Couture lover obsessed with emoji — even if her Meatpacking District club lingo was the funniest shit I had ever heard.Ever since this last update yesterday, the message screen, where it shows the last messages sent or received after clicking the center icon on the top bar, now is displaying a banner forcing me to install facebook Messenger!!!This banner shows up on the bottom of the screen covering up what's on the page underneath it on the bottom line. So I will no longer get messages but I prefer that then having a appointment that I'm forced to use by FB.Make sure that you guys are going to avoid every single fundraising sin and mistake that I made in the past. So a little bit about my background, I’m going to spare you the entire life story. He’s running a startup with good traction and is currently trying to raise their Series A.I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life yada, yada, yada. Several investors were expressing interest, but there was a problem: he was getting conflicting advice from all investors, and felt really confused...

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