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The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the the median annual wage of dentists was 6,920 in May 2010.

Person 3 : I will only go on a first date if he has nice teeth. He actually thinks I look gorgeous with my mouthmask… Most of the time, I do not find myself attracted to my patients.

(Just for the record, I have worked as both a dental assistant and a dentist.)I am going to be really practical and realistic here (unlike the other friends I mentioned above).

What's the best way to ask my female dentist to go on a date with me? First of all, you met her through a dental setting.

You are her new patient and need follow-up check-ups later on. You wouldn’t mind to change dentist if you can date her. To be honest, half of my friends are female dentists and I picked 5 single dentists out of them and asked this same question. Let’s interpret the results from the ladies : Person 1 : Just ask me normally after work, I would usually prefer a movie date though. I will think about it if he’s cute but I usually wouldn’t mind to have lunch with anyone. I usually find it strange if my patient shows particular interest in me during work.

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