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Neither Messages nor i Chat actually performs the screen sharing; instead, the process uses the built-in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) clients and servers in your Mac.So, why use the messaging apps to initiate the screen sharing?It featured integration with the Address Book and Mail applications and was the first officially-supported AIM client that was native to Mac OS X (the first-party AIM application at the time was still running in Classic emulation).One episode of the first season of the HBO dramedy series Entourage had Eric Murphy having an i Chat conversation with Ari Gold, marking the very first time that this application was used on a television series.For color-blind users, this could be altered to show different shapes, circle (available), triangle (idle), and squares (away), to illustrate status with shape rather than color.In June 2003, Apple announced i Chat AV, the second major version of i Chat.

The latest Mac OS X, Leopard, has brought around an enhanced version of i Chat.

I personally don't see what big deal you get from i Chat that you don't from third-party software, but I would adopt i Chat anyway for these reasons:- It is part of the OS, and therefore provides better integration;- It embeds what several third-party applications would have, so no need to spend more money on those;- Its voice and video quality have considerably improved.

With the new features and better voice and video quality, heavy chatters will be happier.

However, third party software doing the same tasks have shown to be richer in features and more flexible.

With Leopard, Apple has moulded i Chat in a way to bridge the gap between it and third-party voice, chat and video applications.

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