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If you went under, you couldn’t hear it, and when you surfaced, there it was! I still remember his face as he talked about it becoming a Pathmark Built in the 1920’s, the massive facility was located on 207th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

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Mark was instrumental in coining the concept of hauntology – the term, borrowed from Jacques Derrida, alluded to a cluster of musicians then referencing or riffing on the past, from Ghost Box to Mordant Music to Ariel Pink, as well as what he saw as the general condition of wider music in the 21st century to look backwards.Full details and times can be found via the events page. 61 (black and white copy of the watercolor); Martínez Gracida 1910: plate 82According to Martínez Gracida, four of these pieces were found as "merlons" on the tomb's roof.The men’s lockers were in the basement, it was always cold and damp down there on the concrete floor.There were also several showers that you had to use before going up to the pool, and then when you went upstairs there was a passage on the side of the building where more showers, like a giant bidet, would finish the job of rinsing you from above and below.

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