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However, as all the members were busy with their own bands, the project was postponed for the future.The second I heard KEN Mode a decade ago, my first thought was, Man, these guys love the Jesus Lizard.My second thought was, This band totally has to record with Steve Albini someday.On the Winnipeg band’s sixth album Success (out 16 June on Season of Mist), it’s finally happened: the man responsible for the legendary sounds of Songs About Fucking, Surfer Rosa, and In Utero steps in and gives KEN Mode’s music that extra dose of power and potency it always needed.

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Despite the success that she helped the band achieve, her time with Nightwish was not easy; from mere rude comments to death threats, Anette had a rude awakening into stardom.A regular contributor to Decibel, Terrorizer, Iron Fist, NPR, and more, he resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.Follow and interact with him on Twitter and Instagram.He has an older sister named Susanna who works as a surgeon-urologist, and an older brother named Petri who is an autopsy assistant.His musicality and skill in text expression showed early in school.

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